Trial Presentation

At the core of our success is a team of highly experienced professionals who deliver perfect presentations in the courtroom. Intuition, speed, and accuracy allow our technology experts to handle real-time challenges and deliver outstanding results effectively and efficiently. We have a reputation for being available 24/7 with viable solutions and take pride in being our clients’ trusted trial techs aka “hot seaters”.
document management
Our trial techs are available nationally and have become invaluable members of our clients’ trial teams, often contributing workdays lasting 12+ hours to ensure smooth presentations. An ideal case for a trial tech is one that is document-intensive or involves a high volume of video clips, deposition testimony, exhibits, or remote witnesses. Dealing with all the varied software and hardware can be a nightmare for an attorney preparing for trial. Why not hand that stress off to our professionals, so you can focus on being an advocate?

Reach Out

Do you have an upcoming trial? If you are considering booking a trial tech, please contact us immediately. Advanced notice is required for booking as resources continue to be limited.