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Dataworks Trial Consulting provides professional trial support and graphic presentation services nationwide. Contact us to position your case for the best possible outcome.

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Gain a competitive edge in litigation with specialized trial support and jury consulting. Trust us to be your strategic partner in the pursuit of courtroom success.

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"Eric and his team proved to be invaluable assets in a very difficult trial. I was able to rely on DTC for flawless hot seating and presentation graphics that exceeded expectations. I highly recommend DTC to anyone going to trial."
Neil Barofsky
Jenner & Block
"The insights and jury data we received from DTC before and during my last trial were instrumental to victory. I can not overstate how critical of a role DTC played."
Stephen A. Scott
Hayes Scott Bonino Ellingson & Guslani
"Dataworks Trial Consulting's attentiveness to jury concerns and adept use of audio-visual aides in the courtroom was absolutely outstanding. We were able to complete the trial with remote witnesses and maintain social distancing without visual limitations.”
Circuit Court Judge
Cook County

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Collaborate with DTC to convert your intricate legal ideas into captivating and educational visuals that enhance jurors’ understanding. Present your case with confidence, knowing that our team of exceptionally talented perfectionists is managing all aspects of your trial technology and presentation. By working closely with our fully integrated teams, you gain a significant advantage – your case themes become robust, your graphics have the ability to captivate, and your arguments are effectively communicated.
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