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Our Story

Our singular focus is rooted in delivering high-quality consultative trial services through unwavering commitment to our client-centric values. DTC was founded by Eric Shepherd, a past software engineer and paralegal with several years of experience with a national legal support firm. Eric recognized major inefficiencies in the delivery of trial services across the industry and the impact on clients. DTC was formed to challenge the status quo and maximize the probability of favorable outcomes for clients.

Our Values


We anticipate client needs and continuously improve processes to better serve our clients.


We think outside the box and challenge the status quo.


We serve from the heart and provide a high level of customer satisfaction.

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Why DTC?

Partner with DTC to transform your complex legal concepts into compelling, informative visuals that increase juror comprehension. Present your case knowing all aspects of your trial technology and presentation are being handled by a team of highly skilled perfectionists. When you work with our fully integrated teams, you secure the advantage—your case themes become solid, your graphics have the power to engage, and your arguments are effectively presented.

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