Medical Illustration

Our certified medical illustrators create next level visuals that are anatomically accurate and easy-to-comprehend by panels, judges, and jurors.

Our team of certified medical illustrators is dedicated to producing visuals that are anatomically accurate, visually comprehensive, and engaging. Don’t settle for ineffective illustrations and animations that undermine the seriousness of your case facts by appearing cartoonish. We set high standards for ourselves and keep in mind that trials are often won based on what the jury comprehends and remembers. Here is how we’ll work together…

Here is how we’ll work together…

1. Nail down the details in a proposal
This phase usually entails multiple conversations (either in person, via email, or by phone) with the client or their experts to determine what the key points and areas of emphasis are. On the backend, we also conduct research and review any reference material provided to get up to speed. Once the details have been solidified, we submit a proposal laying out detailed descriptions and associated costs.
2. Preliminary sketches
Once the proposal is approved, we run to the drawing tablets to sketch, mainly establishing a rough composition with little texture or tone. Our main focus at this stage is producing anatomically correct illustrations and/or accurate surgical procedures. The preliminary sketches are then sent to the client for review.
3. Revisions
The preliminary sketches are another jumping-off point for client/illustrator dialog which is critical in refining the composition. Developing a strong composition that captures all the key points the figure needs to convey is key to a successful illustration. We strive to get it right the first time but 1 - 2 rounds of revisions are typical.
4. Final Rendering
Now for the fun part! Elements like color, tone, and texture are usually developed in this last phase, but only once the composition has been finalized. Their development is held to the end as they are far more involved and more costly to change. Once completed, the illustrations are sent back to the client for approval. If any revisions are needed, we’ll get them done and circle back with updated illustrations.
5. Delivery
Once the final illustrations have been approved, we’ll send the files via an FTP site or upload them directly to your firm’s practice management platform if we’ve been granted access.

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